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Saarinen Womb Chair   $1,565.00
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By Marcee
New York, NY
Review for Saarinen Womb Chair
April 28, 2020
Excellent comfort! Its seat is deep and angled. It is slightly lower to the ground than some of the other furniture but the back gives it some height. Visually it is interesting. I like how it looks with the living room.
By Phillip
Pembroke Pines, FL
Review for Saarinen Womb Chair
March 19, 2020
Looks great in red! Worth every penny for a decent repro of a saarinen.
By Daniel
Round Rock, TX
Review for Saarinen Womb Chair
March 19, 2020
The blue doesn't match the photos. It has more of jean blue look to it than the deep blue I thought I was getting. On the upside, the size is right and it looks like the photos except for the color.
By Myra
New York, NY
danish wool, baby blue
January 24, 2020
I was willing to wait for the custom in danish wool baby blue, happy I did! Now, it's just a matter of keeping the dog hair off of it....
By Deborah
Seattle, WA
color choices
January 8, 2020
Wonderful set of options for this chair. Happy they had merlot in-stock.
By Robert
Braintree, MA
January 8, 2020
Wish it already came with the ottoman without having to buy separately.
By Kim
Batavia, IL
Versatility is an understatement
December 28, 2019
Love the cool flared back rest. Reminded me of butterfly wings when I first saw it. The shape is truly different from my other stuff, but it stands out without being the odd man out. Now I know I can start adding more interesting furniture to my living room.
By Craig
New Orleans, LA
A Decent Knockoff, but Delivery Headaches
December 15, 2019
My red womb chair arrived on time (after a month long wait, despite two weeks promised delivery). It was unboxed and strapped to the side of the truck. The delivery men explained that it had "fallen out of the box" several states earlier. Look at the picture to see what I saw. Inexcusable, and a function of shoddy packaging as well as inept handling. A foot was missing and a leg was bent so that the chair wouldn't sit flat on the floor, both issues easily repairable on my end. Not a big deal. I was lucky. I think the few slightly grimy areas will come out when I work on them. However, he back pillow fits poorly, such that the fabric bunches. No one who knows the famous Knoll original well is likely to confuse the InMod copy, but no one else will know (or care). The red color is a vibrant, electric fire engine red. If you're looking for something that pops, this is it. If you seek a reasonable facsimile of an iconic design, this is the lowest priced product out there. You can buy five of these for one of the real thing. Will it last? I can't say. But, all delivery issues aside, I feel it's a good value for the price. If not exactly thrilled, my expectations were well met.
By Ann
San Diego, CA
anything except mediocre!
December 8, 2019
Olive green was an impeccable choice, I LOVE THE FANNED BACK TOO! I looked up some information on the original designer and the history is really cool. I had no clue there was so much involved with modern furniture design. I plan to keep upgrading my home with well-known designers, you really can start to tell what separates great from mediocre! THANKS!
By Abby
St. Louis, MO
December 8, 2019
It doesn't really look the way I imagined it would..it may have been the choice of color but I think the "modern" style doesn't fit well in my living room. A chair with wood legs would have made more sense.
By Sandra
Gulf Shores, AL
Happy and Unhappy
February 24, 2019
Chair is great color and style, just the look I wanted. However it took 4, yes 4, months to get here...not the 8-10 weeks I was told. Plus, it was sent FedEx. FedEx delivery men are NOT allowed to come into your house so I was delivered a pallet loaded with all my furniture (I ordered the chair above, matching ottoman, dining table with 6 chairs and 3 barstools), boxed and wrapped in plastic. It was basically dumped in my garage for me to deal with. I am a single, 69 yr old woman...so I unboxed what I could handle myself and then had to call in friends to help with the rest. I bought lots of furniture for my new house and NO ONE dumped the furniture on me, it was all handled by quality people who unpackaged the furniture and set it up. I like all the pieces I ordered from Inmod but I will NOT buy from them again because of their delivery arrangements.
By Hollie
Bettendorf, IA
January 11, 2019
LOVED THE COLORS OPTIONS!! Ordered in fog red, perfect shade and excellent quality, the chair is everything I hoped for
By Christina H.
Boston, MA
December 30, 2018
This chair could never pass for the price as originally listed It arrived with one leg out of alignment and the fabric is thin, the space blue is more like denim. We were told we should have ordered swatches first. Lesson learned, but I found this on the last day of a sale and it had great reviews.
By Beach C.
Santa Cruz, CA
Not quite the original but can't beat the price
September 26, 2018
We own an authentic Saarinen Womb chair and ottoman and love it - super comfortable, large (my husband is > 6'6" and fits comfortably) but not overwhelming - and wanted another one for our beach cabin. As it is a weekend place, the Inmod version was in our price range and we had been pleased with the past purchase of a different Inmod item. We are happy with this set. It is smaller than the original but seems similarly comfortable. Some minor details are not quite as nice but, for the price, you are getting a quality, modern chair and ottoman. We special ordered in nighttime blue and are happy with the color/fabric. As other reviews mention, the shipping time was much longer than estimated (it took 16 weeks instead of 9-10).
By Rachael
San Francisco, CA
the best! super satisfied!
July 9, 2018
Burnt orange in danish wool - a DREAM CHAIR!
By Jeremy
Atlanta, GA
July 9, 2018
Needed to be able to customize the color to match my living room but I wasn't too happy about the amount of time it took to get here - yes i am happy with the chair but no i am not happy about the shipping time
By Emily
Trophy Club, TX
thank you x1000
May 22, 2018
FLAWLESS and ICONIC!! I love my new saarinen!! I couldn't ask for a better price or quality of furniture, I love ordering from here. Thanks again!!
By Matthew
Cortlandt Manor, NY
utilize the swatch kit!
May 22, 2018
i HIGHLY recommend asking them to send you a swatch kit, you can choose up to 5 color choices for them to send you so you can have them right there in front of you in person before ordering the chairs - it will help trust me especially if you have unusual lighting in the room you will be putting them in!
By Laurie
North Palm Beach, FL
energizing red color and comfy cushioning
March 9, 2018
Now I see why it's named the "womb" chair, it's cozy and cushy, the fabric is soft and even the sides and top feel like they have a little padding to them - aside from the feel, the bold red stands out and energizes the space in my living room
By John
Eugene, OR
blue looks awesome with brightly colored accents
February 13, 2018
Ordered in space blue and it looks very good. I thought the boldness of the design would look best in a darker color especially since I already have a few brightly colored decorations and accent pillows strewn around my living room
By Shreekant S.
Portland, OR
a well made chair, still getting used to the style
February 13, 2018
Not the style I'd typically go for, still getting used to how it looks in my living room, i'm warming up to it - aside from being on the fence about how it looks, I am impressed with the level of comfort as far as cushioning and fabric is concerned
By Ann
Greensboro, NC
December 23, 2017
so worth the wait, i couldn't be happier with the comfort level and beauty its brought to my living room, i love, love, love it!!
By Angela
La Grande, OR
good find
December 23, 2017
Bought mine with the ottoman, nice addition and definitely comfortable but still looking for a place to put it
By Robert
Placitas, NM
bold + comfortable!!
December 23, 2017
The little recline and large back is sooooo comfy I could fall asleep in it! Plus the red upholstery really stands out in a good way! I love everything about this chair!
By Scott
Spring Valley, WI
top notch repro!
October 19, 2017
wow!! always impressed when i order from here, thank you!
By Stefan
Belvedere, CA
very happy!!
August 12, 2017
i fell in love with the style of this chair the second i saw it! It just came and its soft and comfy, the upholstery is nice and the color is eye-catching!
By Andrew
Chicago, IL
cozy, attractive
July 5, 2017
Yes!! This chair is absolutely eye-catching, there isn't a person that comes to my house who hasn't been drawn to it yet! The cushions and backrest are supportive, the base feels strong and the armrests give it a little extra coziness. Love this design.
By Anthony
Moreland Hills, OH
thank you!
June 17, 2017
comfortable, well-made and exactly what i wanted! Thank you!
By Kestutis
Los Angeles, CA
Very comfortable and beautifull
February 4, 2017
We ordered two chairs and one ottoman upholstered in Danish Wool Cardinal Red., a stock option. It shipped reasonably fast and arrived in good condition. It has been now several months in use. So far it is wearing well. Whish I have orders a second ottoman.
ProsGood color and good upholstery material.
ConsThe exposed seams could be somewhat straighter.
By Phillip
Springfield, MO
Comfortable and well made.
November 14, 2015
Chair looks and feels exactly like the name brand counterpart. It's great.
By Monroe
Washington, DC
A real beauty!
June 11, 2015
This is not only a beautiful chair but one that is really comfortable
By amybster
austin, tx
Good quality, Good value
November 4, 2014
We wanted to purchase a womb chair for our living room but weren't prepared to drop $$$$ on an original. This reproduction is great quality: solid build, comfortable style and high quality fabric (we went with the bright red wool and are happy with it). Highly recommend! Arrived quickly and in pristine shape.

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