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By Leslie
Cambridge, MA
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
April 27, 2022
Warm natural white oak finish. Great price.
By Jing
Bellevue, WA
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
January 30, 2022
Lightweight but also sturdy. White oak is a lovely finish. It goes with many different colors without clashing.
By Gerald
Santa Barbara, CA
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
January 28, 2022
Scandinavian style with an edgy design! It is much better than those super blocky tables everyone seems to have. This one is different but it doesn't lose its nordic feel either.
By Laurie
New York, NY
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
November 4, 2021
Its got a cool shape and comes in a great natural white oak color. I'd prefer if it was solid wood from top to bottom.
By Paul
Los Angeles, CA
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
October 4, 2021
Perfect shade of wood finish
By Tina
Chicago, IL
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
August 2, 2021
I love how light it is, both in color and weight, the size is perfect and the shape is different. The top is veneer but its still a solid build, plus the legs are full wood too.
By Nicole
Dallas, TX
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
March 11, 2021
I love my new coffee table! It's doing wonders for the comfort in my living room, you'd be amazed at how a coffee table can balance out the energy in a room.
By Colton
Sarasota, FL
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
March 7, 2021
Its lightweight and a good height for my sofa which apparently is considered to be a "low-profile" style. Its wood color is the same as the photos without much deviation, this is a first for me with wood furniture. A lot of times there has been slight differences in the color especially when something is labeled as white oak or light wood from separate sites. Its true to its name and its a wonderfully unique shape for a coffee table.
By Elizabeth
Brooklyn, NY
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
January 21, 2021
Arrived fast!
By Brittany
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
January 7, 2021
Livened up things in my living room with its cool shape and lighter finish. Great buy!
By Brittany
Scottsdale, AZ
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
June 26, 2020
My last coffee table was literally twice this size, almost 40 inches and way too big. This is a little over 20 inches and it actually looks like it belongs in a living room my size and with the sofa I have. The shape is definitely unique from some angles it looks different but it adds character to the plain jane style.
By Katherine
Woodmere, NY
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
April 28, 2020
I love its wood grain and light color. It's outstanding with our dark sofa. My husband said it was easy to put together too.
By David
Noblesville, IN
Review for Kidney Shaped Coffee Table (White Oak)
March 19, 2020
Its a cool design and looking good in my living room too!
By Greg
Calabasas, CA
In a blink of an eye, there it is!
January 28, 2020
Table came fast! Assembly was minimal and easy..it is lookin snazzy in my living room!
By Linda
Cypress, CA
this table is perfect
January 12, 2020
Pristine in the white oak! Love the shape too.
By Christina
Fallbrook, CA
January 1, 2020
Love the white oak over the walnut, did an exchange! Very happy with my new choice!
By Margot
Chicago, IL
thumbs up!
December 12, 2019
funky shape, love the color, great table!
By Connie
Portland, OR
December 12, 2019
Table would be better with a shelf of some sort underneath, shape is cool but not really useful
By Jennifer
Wellesley, MA
perfect for a colorful living room
November 16, 2018
Glad I made the decision to get all in color, the shape stands out plenty so a nice light wood was the right touch to my colorful living room
By Phil
New Orleans, LA
August 14, 2018
Tapered legs and all wood match many of my scandinavian furnishings but especially love the wavy top as it isn't as rigid of some of my other furniture, I love it!
By Edward
Gilbert, AZ
white oak
August 14, 2018
Glad the design is accurate but the white oak looks different than the photos in my apartment, it isn't terribly off color-wise but it isn't exact
By Jennifer
Riverside, NJ
my favorite
June 14, 2018
Eclectic shape, one of more unusual pieces - draws attention in a good way
By Perry
Oakdale, CA
beautiful contrast
April 4, 2018
Finally the finishing touch to my living room, white oak was the way to go, lighter table with darker colors for sofa and chair fabrics <3
By Linda
Sarasota, FL
March 22, 2018
Something about this table appealed to me the minute I saw in on the site and it's done wonders for the appeal of my living room since it's been here - thank you
By Edward
Austin, TX
<3 great
March 13, 2018
Remarkable!! Loving my new coffee table! Thanks a ton!
By Juno
Kirkland, WA
match made in heaven :)
February 23, 2018
It's wavy free-form shape looks REALLY NICE with my straight laced cookie cutter furniture, it was pretty much what I needed to bring my living room up to speed for a more contemporary design
By Laurie
Huntington Beach, CA
sofa and table are a little off
February 23, 2018
Shape was perfect but size was a little off - rechecked dimensions on your site and it seems they were accurate but for some reason lower on my sofa - I am still puzzled as to why, wondering if floor is uneven or I measured incorrectly the first time around.
By Christina
San Francisco, CA
great choice!!
November 22, 2017
White oak matches with the rest of my wood furnishings perfectly, thanks to customer service for all of the help as well!
By Anthony
Las Vegas, NV
seriously looks like it was made for MY living room!
October 19, 2017
nice style, fits with my interior design perfectly!
By Nick
Tustin, CA
love this design
July 14, 2017
cool design! love the finish, looks awesome in my living room
By Kenia
Phoenix, AZ
love this coffee table!
June 22, 2017
love the shape! It is unique and well-made, high-quality and extremely sturdy!

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